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For the past months, Mountain States Foundation has been conducting a capital campaign to help Mountain States Health Alliance upgrade facilities and technology for a new Radiation Therapy Center at Johnson City Medical Center.  The new center replaces an outdated space and provides more opportunity to meet the demands of cancer care, including the latest radiation therapy technology; more exam rooms; and larger, separate waiting areas for adults and children.  Construction is now complete and the facilities are in use, except for the vaults housing the Radiation Therapy Equipment.  This equipment is still housed in the older part of the center.

Overview of the Radiation Therapy Campaign

Project Cost $15 Million
MSHA Investment $8 Million
Foundation Goal $7 Million
Philanthropic Efforts $4.7 Million
Needed to Complete $2.3 Million

As we work toward the end of this effort, it is the goal of the Foundation to provide funding for one new Radiotherapy System to provide more advanced non-invasive tumor-destroying radiation and renovation of the former space to house additional examination rooms.  This phase of the campaign provides the end product in the Foundation’s belief that, we owe our patients nothing less than the latest medical technologies and the best possible care.”

Advantages of the Upgrade

System allows the doctors to personalize and customize treatment for all types of cancer, including the more complex cases involving the head and neck, lungs, breast, abdomen and liver.

Treatments are fast and precise

  • System compensates for patient motion
  • Allows real-time visualization of the tumor
  • Exposure to healthy cells is minimized
  • Radiation beam is shaped precisely to match the size and shape of the tumor
  • Stereotactic imaging –full circle body image from one position

Advanced features offer patient comfort

  • Treatments can take just minutes a day, minimizing discomfort and interruption to daily life
  • Two-Way audio and video allows the therapist operating the machine to have constant contact with the patient
  • Operates on 30% less energy 

Better Technology for Cancer Patients


“Most patients with cancer will receive radiation therapy as a part of their care.  Radiation treatment is an important factor and it has tremendously improved cancer survival rates.

The system is the latest advance in radiation oncology technology.  The system is an innovatively designed linear accelerator that provides treatments with pinpoint accuracy.

Advanced in computer speed and design, the system incorporates CT imaging into the treatment process with allows sophisticated treatments to be performed with greater precision and speed, reducing the overall length of a course of treatment to just a few visits.”

Kyle Colvett, MD
Medical Director, Radiation Therapy Center
Johnson City Medical Center

Totally Targeted Minutes

The less time a patient spends on the treatment table, the better.  Shorter treatment times not only improve patient comfort, but also reduce the inaccuracies resulting from patient movement during treatment delivery.  Speed is an essential element of accurate treatment.

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